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Sunday, 29 June 2014


                                     AM CHASING MONEY NOW-Iyanya

Recently, the Cross River state born Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk was interviewed by and he said many things about his life, music and money. Here are some of the questions he was asked and the answers he gave.
Why is Iyanya unique?
I am different because my music is different. I’m different because my sound is me. When you hear my song you know it’s me.
Calabar or Lagos?
Lagos is on the busy side, Calabar isr quite chill and is not as loud as Lagos. I’m comfortable with my lif e in Lagos because I enjoy the both worlds. When I get home, its home.
Family and career
Even though my parents and brother [who died in 2008] did not live to the days of kukere, there was always love from them. They supported me then, whenever I said I had something to do with music.
Label mates on Made Men Music Group
It is a blessing to have such talents around me. They have been a blessing to me since they walked into the family. Even before they got signed, they had always been a part of the family. We are just thankful to God.
Next project for Iyanya
I’m working with different producers for my new album, and I’m going to drop more singles from my forthcoming album.
Managing female fans
I try as much, as hard and as soft as I can, to manage my female fans. Most times, some fans will come to you because they want to get you into trouble. Some will come to you to take a picture; some will come just to tell you that you are hot or that there is something you are doing that they like. So it’s up to me as the artiste to be prepared for anything. I’m very happy and thankful because they have been why I have come this far.
Iyanya is available
I am not in a relationship for now. I’m chasing music; I’m chasing money right now. I am just focused on my career and relationship is on the side for now.
Does relationship stops anyone from chasing money?

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