A rumor circulating the internet says that a snake ate a man in India. But we are not so convinced.
The photo, which has swept across social media sites, appears to show a python that has just finished a human-sized meal.
While suggestions about where the picture may have been taken range between Asia, Africa and America, the general consensus is that this snake’s food was human.
The website Hoax Slayer,  says the photograph is fake. But other websites are making other claims.
One website claims it was taken in India, where the mighty snake swallowed a sleeping drunkard.
Another version goes that the snake swallowed a woman in Durban North, South Africa, this summer, and that the picture was taken by a reporter.
This is not the first time rumors of human eating snakes have gone viral on the internet. Several years ago, there was a rumor that a park ranger in India was eaten by a large snake. Although these rumors do exist there are no confirmed reports of actual human eating snakes.
In Brazil, legend has it there are snakes that eat children in the Amazon, that many villagers claim to be real. However as for this picture, whatever that snake has decided to eat, it will have a long time working on getting it to digest.