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Wednesday, 20 August 2014


in a recent interview by The Punch, Ras kimono who describes himself simply as rastaman also gave his opinion about dreadlocks and shaving of hair.
This are his quotes from that interview
“Rasta is a different thing from reggae. Dreadlocks more of a black man’s culture. The black man used to live this way until the white man came with his comb and mirror and wanted us to look like him. So dreadlock is the black man’s own way of living”
“A lot of us don’t know about the history of the black man. In the Bible, the book of Numbers says ‘leave the hair of your head long and lux’ this is the way God created us and we are applying what is written in the Bible to our daily lives”
“I have been like this {not shaved my hair} since 1980 and I have never shaved it once. I have also been a vegetarian from that period too.”
“The truth is that Nigeria has only been changing from good to bad and bad to worst. Some say the military is the cause of our problems while some say the politicians are to blame. But I feel things were working better during the military era. Now that politicians came with democracy, what we have is just everybody running crazy. Its total madness”
So should we return to the military era?

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