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Saturday, 19 July 2014


Kenny St Brown needs no introduction as one of Nigeria’s most celebrated gospel artistes. With a career spanning over a decade in the music industry. In a recent interview, she declared her intention of going into politics and the reason for her intentions.
What is happening to Kenny St Brown at the moment?
Well, KSB is currently channeling all her energies and passion into nation building; I want to go into politics to help build a nation that we will all be proud of.  Neither in terms of infrastructure, nor ensuring that there is regular power supply in the country. But it’s in the area of building our people. We are blessed with human resources and other nations refer to us as the giant of Africa. This is not because of infrastructure in place in our country, but because of our population and the abundance of manpower.
My concern is for the youths. You know I’m youth oriented. Unfortunately, we have a lot of graduates who are unemployed today. We all saw what happened few months ago when the Nigeria Immigration Service were recruiting young graduates into the service. The service wanted to recruit about five thousand applicants, but over fifty thousand applicants showed up for the qualifying examination. This showed that we are actually educated. So, our problem is not that of education, but the crave for greatness.
Can’t she build people as a musician? 

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