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Monday, 7 July 2014


Social contract is a political theory that is believed to have given birth to a state as an institution. According to the social contract theory, individuals came together and agreed to submit their freedom to use of their power and conscience to an institution called the state, with the agreement that their remaining rights will be protected by the state. The theory went further to say that such individuals have the right to withdraw from that contract if the state fails to protect their rights.
With this contract, individuals came together in an organized way, elected among them the most accepted people and submitted their freedoms to them to manage on their behalf. The right to kill was exclusively in the hands of the state while in turn the state will ensure that no one is unjustly killed. The state will decide what is wrong or right; all for the interest of those individuals who have submitted their rights to the state while in turn the individuals will obey the decisions of the state.
Now let’s come to the Nigerian situation, on what basis is the Nigerian state founded, what contract exist between the government and the people, does the state see itself as an institution created to protect the rights of it citizens? A capital NO will be my candid answer. Of  course how can I say yes in  a situation where elected politicians parade themselves like C.E.O’s of some multinational firms and carry out the affairs of the state as if it was their private property somewhere in Dubai or a Tropicana resort in the Caribbean Island. In fact, they are often times worshiped like the gods of the ancient kingdoms.
When an elected official constructs a kilometer of road, he sees it as his gift or favour to the people rather than see it as performing a duty he has been elected to perform. When N50 is used to construct a bole hole, N100 will be used for the ceremony to commission it. A country with over 160 million people has just about 400 thousand police officers and yet many  of the police officers are assigned to  serve as ‘personal bodyguards’ or escort to the rich and their families, leaving the poor helpless while the politicians go around in convoys whose length can only be compared to a moving train.
The law which should be the hope of the poor only serves as a cane in the hand of the politicians to whip anyone who tries to question its action or inaction. Our law can easily be likened to a cobweb which only has the capacity to stop small and weak insects leaving the strong ones at liberty to do as they wish.
 I think this is not how it should be, so we need to renegotiate this contract. Come 2015, we should enter into contract only with those who are ready to keep to the terms of the contract; please let’s not sell our conscience and enslave our Rights.

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