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Monday, 16 June 2014


                                        ANOTHER PROPHECY FROM GOVERNOR SHETTIMA 

When the Borno state governor Kasshim shettima said in February 2014 that the Boko Haram insurgents were better equipped and motivated than the Nigerian military,, most people especially the military authorities  and the federal government  almost crucified him . but sooner than  later, the events that followed his statement such as the deadly boko haram attacks in the north east  and twice in the federal capital and the kidnapping of  over 250 girls  from chibok then the soldiers alledge mutiny at the NA 7 division head quarters Maiduguri seemed to have vindicated Shettima and his comments
                                        But that’s not all ooo…….
Governor shettima has spoken again!  He said book haram will start attacking other regions of the country. According to him, “If book haram succeeds in overrunning the north east as they seek, they will surely want to extend greater havoc to other parts of the north and if they over run the north they would want to extend to the south.
What is he, as the governor of Borno State doing or has done to stop them?

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