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Thursday, 6 February 2014

The transfer window in Nigerian politics

 Just like what is obtained in the European football season every r January where most football clubs go for a desperate shopping for players in a bid to strengthen their teams to enable them compete favorably for the title.
                Same situation can be attributed to the Nigerian political scene especially now when the 2015 elections is around the corner. Nigerian politicians are in search for fertile political platforms that will help them nurture their political ambition. Similarly, political parties are both in a scramble for political heavy weights that will help them assemble a strong political arsenal ahead of the 2015 general elections. 
                                No politician or political party is leaving any stone unturned. In recent weeks, there has been mass transfer and movement of political heavy weights in the country from one party to another especially among the two GIANTS in Nigeria. [PDP and APC].
                Most recent is the decamping of eleven senators amidst all controversies from the ruling PDP to the fast rising APC, the defection of former Kano state governor  mallam Ibrahim shekarau and Atahiru Bafarawa from APC to the PDP. And then the defection again of former vice president Atiku Abubakar  from PDP to APC only give a toast of what to expect from Nigerian politicians as the election year approaches. My request to all those in this buying and selling of politicians is that they should please devote the same if not more efforts that they have been using in developing strategies to win the 2015 elections to initiate development plans that will better the fortunes of Nigerian and Nigerians.

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